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We provide macroeconomic and public policy strategy for institutional and sophisticated investors, banks and corporations.  

Integral to our approach is utilizing corporate or micro data to analyze macroeconomic secular and cyclical trends.  Additionally, we have long written reports under the title, 'It's Never Different This Time' underscoring our use of historical analogs to better inform the business cycle.  We analyze economics and policy from the lens of a long-time market participant, in other words, our focus is on sustainable trends and assets we believe that are either under, or over, valued given our economic and policy outlook as well as risks that are underappreciated by markets.

We will offer forecasts and asset allocation for major asset classes, equities, interest and exchange rates primarily, but not exclusively, for the US with a variable investment universe.  In practice, the variable universe implies offering forecasts when we have strong conviction in our outlook for the economy, policy or an asset class.